Sotelúm is the solo music proyect of Shlúm Sotelo, independent music producer and founder lead trumpetist of Minarete Brass Orchestra and The Ghostownians.
lúm claims his sound as a 'synth-folk fusion between various electronic music styles and some other folklore generes', releasing an EP or LP production every year since 2010, each one of these productions means a whole new sub-project or colabotarion to perform it live colectively. 

The name Sotelúm (pronounced Soteloom because of the diacritic tilde over the vowel ú) came from the mixing of the name Shlúm with the lastname Sotelo, so the word Sotelúm means nothing but a name. (that, aside from a mysterious possible coincidence with some other names like Soutelú or Suteloim that actually became Sotelo too during the 1400s inquisition.)